We recently ran a competition in conjunction with The Ideal Hut Show which visited Perth City Centre. This meant that anyone visiting a Perth Card business to buy something could drop off their receipt at the Hut Show to qualify for a chance to win a £500 Perth Gift Card!

During this competition, anyone who bought a Perth Card of at least £10 in value (either online, in Fun Junction or Scottish Seasons) also qualified for 10 x entries to win.

We were delighted to announce that Lindsay Kettles of Perth, who purchased a Perth Gift Card for her brother’s engagement, received her 10 x entries… AND WON!

We recently met up with Lindsay to find out more and present her with her £500 Perth Gift Card! First of all, we wanted to find out the back-story to Lindsay buying a Perth Gift Card in the first place.

Lindsay explains, “I was shopping in Here (Fun Junction) for my niece’s Birthday present and noticed a leaflet with information about The Perth Card. I knew that my brother was getting engaged, and I thought that this would be the perfect thing to buy for them as they would be able to buy dinner and something for the house.”


We felt that because Lindsay had bought her Perth Gift Card in Fun Junction Toy Shop (Old High Street, Perth) that the ever-helpful Jenny be on hand to present Lindsay with her prize!

Everyone was obviously very keen to find out how many of the 65+ Perth Card businesses Lindsay planned to visit to spend her £500 Perth Card!

“Well first of all, I’ll probably be spending some of The Perth Card here in Fun Junction so that I get gifts for kids’ Christmas presents. Next I’ll be looking for places that sell nice jewellery so that I can buy something for myself as a treat. One of the main things I’ll be looking forward to are some nights out as well to go out for dinner too”.

Finally, we asked Lindsay how easy was it to buy The Perth Gift Card?

“It was really easy to buy the card here in Fun Junction. I’ve already recommended to my friends that the Perth Card is a great idea for a present and they all think it’s a good idea too”


* There is still a chance to win ANOTHER £500 PERTH GIFT CARD! If you visit any of the Perth Card businesses and buy anything prior to 29th October, drop your details off to member of staff in Perth Museum and Art Gallery and you will receive 1 x entry into the draw. Again, if you buy a Perth Card like Lindsay, you receive 10 x entries!

Anyone wishing to buy a Perth Gift Card for someone’s Christmas can either visit Fun Junction Toys (Old High Street), Scottish Seasons (St John Street) or online here: http://theperthcard.co.uk/product/the-perth-card/

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