It’s that age old problem. A work colleague tells you they’re leaving for pastures new but you’re not sure where they like to go and now you’re all faced with the dreaded question.

“What will we get them as a leaving present?”

The Perth Card Is The Perfect Leaving Present.

So What Do You Need To Do?

It’s really straight-forward to give someone a Perth Card as a leaving gift. Simply do your whip-round and collect all money as you normally would.

The easiest way to load your Perth Card is over the counter:

  • Visit Fun Junction on Old High Street, Perth
  • Visit Scottish Seasons on St John Street, Perth

Or bank the collection money and BUY THE PERTH CARD ONLINE HERE or call 01738 444376 and we’ll deliver the card for you!


They can now choose where to spend their Perth Gift Card from over 70 of Perth’s best shops, restaurants, venues, salons, attractions and more… Meaning no disappointed former colleagues!

Find out more about The Perth Card HERE!