We are really pleased to announce that you can now spend your Perth Gift Card at Rock ‘n’ Beauty.

A beauty salon with a twist; Rock ‘n’ Beauty opened their doors in December last year and there’s something truly unique about their approach that we wanted to share with you.

From the outset it has been vital to Rock ‘n’ Beauty that every beauty product they use is absolutely humane. This means that every product is guaranteed not to have been tested on animals and, where possible, the ingredients are vegan. They do stress that some products do use beeswax but they will offer alternatives where possible.

Already you can tell that they are all about making sure that you feel as good as you look when you leave their salon. However, they’ve gone one further by sourcing as many products as they can that are manufactured locally. On top of supporting smaller, local, (often organic) companies, this also means that the products they use have travelled less distance to get to you.

Rock ‘n’ Beauty describe their idea as creating a salon that offers ‘beauty with a conscience’ and it’s clear they’ve done everything they can to deliver that service.

Warm and Welcoming

When you walk into Rock ‘n’ Beauty you can feel the warmth of the place. They go out of their way to be welcoming to everyone; offering autism friendly haircuts, with a 10% discount for carers.

They also highlight themselves as LGBT friendly; anyone can walk in to enjoy getting beautiful hair and nails with no judgment.

Rock ‘n’ Beauty is clearly a salon with a difference, their stance on animal welfare and on inclusiveness certainly helps everyone feel welcome.

Animal-friendly products at an animal-friendly salon

In fact Rock ‘n’ Beauty even offer dog-friendly days, so you can bring a furry friend along as you enjoy your beauty treatments. Check their Facebook page for more details.

They make ‘beauty with a conscience’ sound pretty good. If you’ve received a Perth Gift Card don’t forget that you now have the option of popping along for a treatment with Rock ‘n’ Beauty. Look good, feel good, and shop local with your Perth Gift Card.